Tinnitus Awareness Week – UCLan

Wow! Well I hadn’t expected it (or even know that you could submit things to distribute), but UCLan turned my Tinnitus Awareness info piece that I recorded for Pulse Radio into a video format and uploaded it to YouTube – they’ve shared it across all their social platforms and have said it’ll be also sent out to all students in the next Student AU Lookout. I’m really happy that they are helping raise awareness for Tinnitus.

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Head, meet brick wall – UCLan Student’s Union

PulseTV - Failing to be accessible again.

So for those of you that know me, I’ve been constantly on UCLan SU‘s shoulder regarding accessibility across Pulse and SU in general. It began way back when I first started, and is still going on now; and we’re in semester 2.

Promises get made, and then broken. Quite frankly, I’ve had enough. Let me tell you why…

As a deaf person, SU content is pretty much not accessible – I’ve spoken with past students, and they’ve said it’s the way it has always been. It’s taken me going backwards and forwards reminding them of things like subtitles on their media content (as well as reminding them to book interpreters for me) – and promises get made, and ultimately broken, again. This last one now has royally got my back up.

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