UCLan Summer Round-up

UCLan Summer Round-up

So, it’s been a while.

Over the past few months, i’ve been extremely busy. Let me first tell you about some good news.

As you may recall, an assignment I was working on, a documentary called “Faith in Humanity Restored” was selected to be shown in the Christian Film Festival in the USA. Well i’m pleased to announce it won a range of awards. And I mean a lot.

We won:

  • Best Documentary
  • Best Producer
  • Inspire Award (For participants: Andy Williams, Luke Meyers, Lima McPike, Rebecca Bruneel, Stewart Riley, Emili Peake)
  • Best Educational Film Fan Favourite
  • Best Producer Fan Favourite

In June/July it was also selected to be screened at another festival, “UK Monthly Film Fest”. Whilst we didn’t win anything, it was great that it was screened in the UK.

This was truly awesome – I never expected it to be selected to be screened, never mind winning in a festival. I’m proud to have been involved in it. It’ll be on Amazon Prime in the New Year.

Now, onto other things. I’ve been working on a documentary called “Running out of road: Shared Spaces”, which is exploring shared space schemes up and down the country. In November, I interviewed some Lancashire locals in Chorley about their views on the shared space they have. I also travelled down to London to film in the House of Commons as I was interviewing Lord Chris Holmes. Lord Holmes is an advocate for the abandonment of shared spaces as he is visually impaired himself. It was brilliant to get his opinions on the spaces, as well as find out about the work he’s been doing. Next week, i’m travelling up to Scotland to get some more views/opinions of the shared spaces up there.

Whilst filming in Chorley, a DPD delivery van decided to mount and cut over the “pavement” where we were filming, narrowly missing a visually impaired participant. I’ll be forwarding footage to DPD shortly. This in itself was a perfect example on how the shared spaces don’t work. It was pure luck that there wasn’t an injury. I’ll also be submitting it to university as a “near miss”.

Since filming these interviews, I’ve decided that i’m extending the deadline on the documentary. I didn’t want to produce a short one that didn’t really say much – so it’s giving me more time to travel and interview people.

Now, onto non-film related news.
Generally, University is going fine. I’m feeling a bit stressed at the moment as i’m being pulled in multiple directions all at the same time, and somethings got to give. I have reluctantly decided that i’m not going to stand for Chair of the UCLan SU Disabled Students Society in the next lot of elections. I’m not sure if i’ll be standing for Disabled Students’ rep however.

Another good thing, however, is that I nominated myself for the role of Student Trustee within the Student Union. I’m extremely pleased to say that, after attending an interview, I was chosen for one of the two positions. I can’t wait to help shape the SU for future students. I’ve always maintained that i’m willing to work with anyone that actually wants to improve things – I’m glad that the SU has taken me up on that offer. I don’t only criticise if there’s an issue – I also offer solutions and advice; which is hopefully what they have seen in me. Over the past 2 years, there have been significant improvements, which i’m really happy about.

On the topic of improving things, I’m also sitting on a Masterplan sub-group for the new Student Centre and Square. This is an important role – these buildings haven’t reached the breaking ground stage yet, so I’m hoping that I can make positive change for all students there too.

Since I first started at UCLan all those years ago (it feels sooo long ago now), it’s been absolutely brilliant to see things develop to where they are now. Don’t get me wrong, things still aren’t perfect, but they are much better than they were.

You may have seen my photo popping up in the media/adverts for UCLan as I took part in their marketing campaign for Autumn. You can watch it here:

I really really enjoyed taking part in the making of this. Created and produced by Manchester-based marketing company Access and The Gate, the advert features a really diverse selection of participants- highlighting the fact that the university is inclusive and welcomes all.

I’ve had my friends say they’ve seen me in a range of places – from being shown in cinemas to posters and billboards up and down the country.

So, that’s my summer “round-up”. Things have been happy, things have been stressful, things have been not so good. Life is too short, i’m having to take things a day at a time – but i’m really proud of all the things i’ve achieved and the legacy that is left so that future students don’t have to go through what I have.

One last thing for the architect of Media Factory. Who ever thought putting the light sensor outside of the actual bathroom, you need firing. It’s a little embarrassing to have to sit there in the dark on the toilet and wait for someone to walk in for the light to come back on if you have issues that mean you take longer on the loo (i’d hate to imagine what it’s like if you had something like a bag that needs emptying). Seriously, WTF.

And on that note, i’m off. See you all soon.

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