Finally feeling confident at Uni

Finally feeling confident at Uni

Earlier this week, something happened that knocked me for six whilst at Uni. I’m not going to go into detail as this isn’t the time nor the place.

That same evening, I became really ill. I mean really really ill. A while ago, I was admitted into hospital as I was displaying stroke-like symptoms. In the end, it turned out that I was actually experiencing a hemiplegic migraine. It was hellish; they effects lasted over a month.

Well after the debacle on Tuesday, it triggered one of these hemiplegic migraines. I didn’t need to attend hospital as it wasn’t as bad, and I had recognised the symptoms so knew what I needed to do to make things easier. I’m still feeling a little weak in my right arm, but otherwise seem to be doing OK.

I went into uni the next day (on my birthday) and after my lecture I had a meeting with one of the course lecturers, who explained to me that I didn’t need to worry – it was going to be sorted. I was also to be his point of contact for any issues that occur relating to my course.

I felt so relieved afterwards; I actually feel that I’m going to enjoy my three years on the Film Production course – and that i’ll be able to access it fully. Our first “assignment” of the year was to create an “elevator pitch” – where we pitch a film idea to an imaginary director in the lift with us. You can see my pitch here: Elevator Pitch

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