Being anxious, and being deaf

Being anxious, and being deaf

Today, i’m feeling pretty anxious. I don’t actually know why. It’s pretty hard to explain. I’m also feeling very very tired. So tired that it’s 1pm and i’m laying in bed and my brain seems to not want to rest. I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I had a counselling session yesterday at UCLan.

The session was actually very good, and I gained some insights into my feelings.
But one thing was hard – explaining why I am anxious and don’t like leaving the house. I just couldn’t put into words how I feel and what i’m thinking when i’m out.

But then I came across this video, which kinda helps explain it.
The video, created by Arthur Clayton McWilliams IV (also known as Artie Mack), was originally published in 2016 – and recently re-shared. I found that it struck a chord with me, as I’m always anxious… and always alert. Constantly looking around for danger, because if we don’t see the danger, it could be the difference between life and death. Folk (generally) just don’t get that. It tires us out.

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