BuzzFeed UK Post on University Issues

BuzzFeed UK Post on University Issues

Recently, I was contacted by a reporter from BuzzFeed UK regarding issues that I have had in University over my foundation year, as she had seen my blog posts regarding discrimination.

It was a very hard piece for me to contribute towards, as it meant dragging up all of my emotions linked to my deafness… but I felt it was a worthwhile cause.

Where can you read it?
You can head over to the BuzzFeed website here to read it (I’m the second half of the article).

"Having to constantly fight for access to things really rams it home that we aren't equal"
“Having to constantly fight for access to things really rams it home that we aren’t equal”

So why did I contribute towards it?
Well my ethos is that if we don’t educate people, how can we push for (and achieve) change? Yeah we shouldn’t have to… but I don’t want to be the person sat there whining and not putting anything constructive on the table as ways to solve the issues. People criticize me for offering my time for free, but I see it as a way of improving things for everyone.

Were UCLan aware of the article?
Yes – the moment I was approached, I let them know that I would be contributing towards their article – as I thought it was only fair. They also provided a statement to BuzzFeed in response (as is their legal right to reply).

What was the aim of my contribution
My whole point wasn’t to have a go at UCLan. It’s point is not to rain down a torrent of legal discrimination letters / action. It’s aim was to let everyone know the stuff that’s happened should not be happening in 2017. That my experiences are not unique; and that I’m willing (and always have) to work with people if they truly want to change.

What’s next?
Well last Monday was the Limping Chicken article. This Monday was the BuzzFeed article. Next week I’m getting back to putting together the rest of the materials that I’m producing for UCLan.. so that they can continue to learn and improve. Over summer, they got pushed to the side as I’ve had other priorities… now I want to get them back on track.

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