How time flies… it’s already February 2017 – where has the time gone?

How time flies… it’s already February 2017 – where has the time gone?

I can’t believe that we’re almost at the end of February in 2017. A lot has changed for me since I began, way-back-when…
It doesn’t seem like 6 weeks since I actually started University; which was actually back in September.

When I enrolled at UCLan, I was a bit miffed that I had to begin at Foundation Entry; this is because when I left school at 16, I went into full time employment. I worked through and never went to University.

However when I began applying for jobs over a year ago, I wasn’t even getting through the screening stage most of the time because they all had a requirement (under the essential column) of Degree-level education. Which I didn’t have.
So I decided I was going to go to Uni, get my degree, then begin the job hunting all over again. My plan was to get a formal qualification in what I already knew – Website Design and Development. I knew that I’d probably be one of the oldest students in the class, but I knew that I’d get there.

The first week in, I knew that the “Foundation Entry” Web Development degree was a mistake… it was literally going in as if you know nothing about website design, or how the internet works. I knew that I would get bored – but I stuck at it.

What actually happened though is that, because this is a foundation entry, I had chosen other various modules – script writing, audio/video technology, into to film making and animation/gamesm – to go along side the compulory one of Web Fundamentals. I started enjoying the other modules. I mean really enjoying them. My interest was moved away from Website Development and into Film Production. The first piece I had to create was the 60 seconds film, which I got amazing feedback for… and it all rolled on from there.

Within the Scriptwriting module, I began work on a new deaf-related film, The Deaf and Dumb Film.. which is now at the casting stage. I also began work a week or so ago on a second script, which is completely un-related to deafness.

So now we are in February of 2017, and for the first time, in a really really long time, I’ve found something that interests me and makes me want to actually learn about it. So I am really happy that I opted for the foundation year – it wasn’t a year wasted, it was actually a year saved… because I would have ended up dropping out of Web Design.

So despite all the hiccups regarding SU accessibility, it’s been a learning curve. I’m glad that I found all this out before the REAL hard work starts. There’s not much of February left; which leaves 2 months until the end of scheduled lecture time… eek!

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