Applying for a Hearing Dog

Applying for a Hearing Dog

Back on the 26th of January, I emailed Hearing Dogs (for deaf people) to enquire about the process of applying for one.

They replied a couple of days later with information about the requirements and asked us if we wanted an application form.

So – about a week later, we received the application form in the post and it told us we needed to complete it and attach a copy of our audiograms to confirm eligibility. I emailed RLI and asked for a copy of mine and it arrived a couple of days later. John’s request with RPH wasn’t as easy however. He had to jump through hoops (and pay £10) to request a copy of his medical records.

So we started the process with RPH for a copy of his audiograms; as we had to pay for them, we decided to also request a copy of all of his notes relating to audiology / ENT. So we did the form, emailed it over – and then he had to call via NGTS to pay the £10 admin fee. He got an email a couple of days later with a zip file (that wouldn’t open on OSX) that was encrypted with a password… which he had to call up to receive (ugh).

So.. application forms to hand, copy of audiogram to hand – we were ready to proceed. I scanned them all in and emailed it over on the 23rd of Feb.

Fast forward to today, the 3rd of March; and we received an email from HD… we’d passed the initial screening and were eligible to apply!

So we’ve now got to wait for the date in May, at a fixed time to email in saying we want to join the waiting list. On that day, we have to do it literally on the minute it turns that time as the slots fill up really quickly. They only have limited spaces available so demand is high.

So now we are counting down the days until application day…

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