Passport Dispatched

Passport Dispatched

So, as we are going to see the Northern Lights this year, I need to get a new passport in my new surname.

So… at 00:30am on Boxing Day, I started the change of name process on my passport. I started the procedure online.. and it was so easy! I filled out the parts I needed (it asked me things which I chose yes/no to), and then at the end it gave me a sheet I needed to print out, sign and send (declaration form). I needed to include two passport photos and my old passport; because I’ve not changed that much in appearance, I didn’t need to get my photos countersigned.

HM Passport Office

I posted it on the 29th, and they signed for at 08:10am on the 30th at their offices. Then on 31st of December they processed it …. now i’ve just checked again and it’s said “dispatched” so it’s on it’s way! I’ve never felt so excited for a document to be in the post 😉

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