Don’t point the remote there… it won’t work!

Don’t point the remote there… it won’t work!

So tonight we are watching films on the 3D projector. We’ve got a BenQ TW523P HD Ready 3D Projector, connected to a Sony BDP-S5500 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player – with a 4 Pack of SainSonic Zodiac 904 Series 144Hz Rechargeable 3D DLP-Link Projector Active Shutter Glasses. We had to buy the glasses separate as the projector doesn’t come with any. There are cheaper alternatives; I just wanted to get the ones that are rechargeable.

So we were watching Minions 3D and eating our yearly buffet (well it is New Years Day, after all). Then we decided to watch The Purge in 2D on Netflix; John needed a loo break and grabbed the remote control to pause it. He proceeded to point it at the wall to try and pause it… forgetting that it’s a projector and the BluRay player (with built in Netflix and Amazon Prime) was behind him under the TV. “Maybe because it’s behind you under the TV you need to point” I piped up, and then burst out laughing. A fantastic start to 2016!

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